Friday, August 24, 2012

8 Bit Fashion: An Invading Trend


As we enter the second part of the year and Fashion's most coveted season, there is a resurgence in 90's trends...I'm talking about pixelated prints! Move over navajo hello space invaders. This season's trend is reminiscent of those Super Nintendo games your older brother use to spend hours on. It's been seen around the runways for quite some time now.


But it wasn't until last year when Japanese designer Kunihiko Moringa based his whole collection on 8-bit for Anrealage during Japanese fashion week, which leveled up the trend.

This year French designer Sabine Ducasse uses 8-bit with a twist but instead of using fabrics, he irons perler beads which one can obtain at any Toys R Us. Creating colourful pieces that not only catches the naked eye from a 100 mile radius, but into unique wearable pieces. Expect this blossoming trend to re-enter it's way into the future. If you still can't get enough of these itty bits heres a blog dedicated to your favorite designers runway pieces but in super low pixelated but high illustrated resolution Fashionary

Something Old, Something New, Something Chic

Model Jackie for American Apparel 'Advanced Basics' Ads

You know that famous saying 'always listen to your elders' well it seems some designers are doing so by using older models in their Fall/Winter 2012 Campaigns. Not only is it refreshing from the usual youthful fresh faced models you see down the runways,  theres a whole new 'it crowd' in the fashion scene and they're over the age of 50. During Hot Docs this year, HBO released a documentary called About Face: Super Models Then & Now the doc explores the lives of some of Fashion's famous faces who've graced the covers of magazines and dominated the runways for decades. Lanvin recently released their Winter ads which celebrates "individuals with individuality a true reality and not reality stars" which features 82 year old former Ballerina Jacquie Murdock amongst other unique citizens.

Not only are designers using elder models as muses there is a whole blog which garnered numerous articles, and interviews and even a documentary dedicated to New York's stylish senior citizens called Advanced Style . Browsing through the blog you not only get inspired to take a trip through your grandma's closet, but you suddenly get inspired to actually step up your vintage game. The use of older models this year is not only refreshing but it makes you look at the clothing from a different perspective. Our eyes have adjusted to looking at fashion's latest trends on young up and comers. Age is a taboo in the fashion industry a model in her late 20's is basically almost considered ready to retire. With these new campaigns not only does it showcase the clothing in a new light, it's a reminder that style is ageless.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Winspiration board: My Favorite 90's Movies

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately. Maybe it's because Summer's almost over, when were near the end we always somehow crave the beginning. Maybe it's because growing up, the end of Summer usually meant you have to make the most of the last couple of weeks before school starts, so theres more memories to remember. I also found a Selena CD at my nearest thrift store and have been listening to it NON-STOP, so that's probably another reason why I've been feeling nostalgic. I've always wanted to make an inspiration board based on some of my all time favorite 90's movies. The movies I've chosen are movies I can literally watch over and over again and never get sick of it. These are the movies where you'd randomly get a flashback of a scene and suddenly want to watch it or find yourself subconsiously shopping for outfits that are similar to the outfits worn in the film. Here are some  boards and items I've chosen based on the film's style:

Johnny Depp was probably my first badass crush.I remember watching this movie for the first time on MuchMoreMusic and thinking how weird it was due to Hatchet Face's funny expressions, and wondering if Ricki Lake was pregnant or just fat (There's nothing wrong with that BTW). After a couple more years and some replays I started to really appreciate the film, it's comedic timing, and rockabilly expression. Everytime I vist Retro Row in Long Beach California I can't help but think of this film, even strolling through Kensington Market I get 'Crybaby' vibes.

  Jurassic Park
Need I say more? This is a movie I personally believe is fashionably underrated because everyone's too caught up in the dinosaurs, which is understandable..I mean c'mon it's dinosaurs. This movie also made me want to become an archeologist, just to wear those cool hats, and the abundance of earth toned clothing. I recently purchased an olive green military vest, which is a great layering piece and perfect for Autumn and would come in handy should I ever want to try my hand in archeology (just kidding). Another thing to keep an eye out for this season is camo jackets, I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect cameo jacket. It's not only super versatile but it looks great when paired with bright lips.

and lastly my all time favorite film

'Anything for Selenas' This movie has so many quotable lines, and the outfits my god! I remember watching this movie in the theatres with my mom and in awe of J.lo's beauty. The sequined bustiers, the evening gowns, and the bold matte lipcolours, made me want to grow up quick, to the day I would be allowed to wear makeup. To this day I am still obsessed with this movie and can pretty much quote it from beginning to end.Whenever I see a sequin bra I can't help but smile because all I can hear in my mind is 'busti ca-ca'.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kesington Market & Pedestrian Sundays

Last Sunday was Pedestrian Sunday, it was filled with bubbles, laughter, and great deals. 
It was the first one I ever actually participated in and it was worth it. Pretty Freedom & Anice Jewellery were having a cute event called #DrinkinginLA (aka lower augusta) which was alot of fun, saw alot of familiar faces and it was super busy too which is always a good thing. I don't know if I'm just getting older or if I just hate crowds but theres something very claustraphobic about being in big crowds. Regardless of the heat, and the amount of people it was a great day to be out. My pictures turned out over exposed due to sunlight so I decided to spruce it up and make them look whimsical. I also added a video for your viewing pleasure