Friday, August 24, 2012

8 Bit Fashion: An Invading Trend


As we enter the second part of the year and Fashion's most coveted season, there is a resurgence in 90's trends...I'm talking about pixelated prints! Move over navajo hello space invaders. This season's trend is reminiscent of those Super Nintendo games your older brother use to spend hours on. It's been seen around the runways for quite some time now.


But it wasn't until last year when Japanese designer Kunihiko Moringa based his whole collection on 8-bit for Anrealage during Japanese fashion week, which leveled up the trend.

This year French designer Sabine Ducasse uses 8-bit with a twist but instead of using fabrics, he irons perler beads which one can obtain at any Toys R Us. Creating colourful pieces that not only catches the naked eye from a 100 mile radius, but into unique wearable pieces. Expect this blossoming trend to re-enter it's way into the future. If you still can't get enough of these itty bits heres a blog dedicated to your favorite designers runway pieces but in super low pixelated but high illustrated resolution Fashionary

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