Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Workaholics and WTF happened to September?

Hello readers, well to those who actually take the time to read this silly blog o' mine! 

First and foremost sorry for totally skipping September, balancing work and blogging is actually pretty gotdamn hard. With that said here's what's been happening in my super mundane Canadian life, I've been in quite the slump, other than working and the occasional sleep-in's I was feeling rather uninspired  for about a week or so until I discovered the show Workaholics. I came across Workaholics during one of my daily youtube marathons, after about 10 seconds in and about 20 videos later I was hooked. It's basically a show about 3 college friends who happen to live and work a 9-5 job together. They drink more than they work, and why they're still employed on the show is beyond me, the point is this show is awesome, super funny, and the guys are actually pretty win/win. Aside from me being almost obsessed with Workaholics, September flew by very quickly. It's always THE month for big change and transitioning. As some of you may know September is a huge deal in the fashion world and landmarks a lot of upcoming trends. I'm still not really over summer but I'm ready  for fall so the question I've been asking myself for the past month is how do you mix summer and autumn into your everyday wear? Here are just some of my fave Summer turns into Fall trends that I've indulged in the past month- pics are all from my instagram :)

Mix and match dark lipstick and camo to bright shoes and nails. Print on print action with similar colours but different textures. Taking the candy coloured hair trend but transitioning to darker hues think licorice, dark reds, burgundy, to purples!