Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Well Hello There!

Wow, talk about a long hiatus. Since my last post (2014! WHOA!) A lot has happened...and I mean a lot. This blog was essentially created for me to document my days as a young single twenty something year old just trying to figure stuff out, like adulting, love, fashion, cooking, career, etc. I've always dreamed of living in the city, being this independent woman, cooking fresh pasta, wine on hand listening to a jazz vinyl as I overlook the skyline. Welp kid, sorry to say but not everything turns out how you daydream it would be, but it can get darn close. Here are some of the things that has happened to me since my last blog post.

I fell in love with a really cool dude
I quit my job
I lost 27 pounds
I moved out of my parents place
I moved in with said really cool dude into the city
I gained 20 pounds was all the brunching
I finally got to see Mariah Carey
I lost a  job :( But worked 3 new ones within these years
About 50% of my friends are now married
Moved out of really cool dude's loft into our first place
Landed a cool job working within the Jewellery industry
Just turned 28 and finally updated my blog after 5 password attempts into said blog.

Cheers to 2017, hopefully it won't be another 4 years for me to update this thing ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Forward

Hello again,

It's been a crazy year & I've been M.I.A (yet again)! Life is weird, growing up is....well weird, becoming an adult has been quite the journey and throughout the cliche roller coaster rides I've been on I am nonetheless excited for what is to come. With that said, let's finally proceed to Spring!!!!!

They say if something scares you, then you should pursue it. Grizzly bears scare me -I'm not exactly going to go on a grizzly bear scavenger hunt anytime soon. New beginnings are also scary and starting a business is definitely terrifying and so I've decided to take the jump and open up an etsy shop with my dear blog's namesake CarousillIt's still in it's very baby steps so feel free to re-follow me as I go on this adventure. To those who actually read this - big thanks for sticking by me despite my inconsistencies, I pinky swear this time I'm not going anywhere ;) Below is just a sneak peak of some of the goodies I've been working on.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let's *Clink* To That

 some reworked personal pieces

I stated briefly in my last post many moons ago that I started making jewellry, using this blog's namesake. So far business has been fruitful with the support of my friends, family, and by word of Carousill instagram. I've been pretty lucky starting out and have even made nice relationships with some suppliers. Things have been moving along and it all came together when I got my custom stamp from Kid Icarus . Right now I'm in the process of building my etsy shop, so that in itself is a journey on it's own, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I can literally feel myself growing up, as this brand comes together. I decided that I don't want to subject Carousill to just jewelry but that I want to present it as an overall lifestyle accessories brand. I feel pretty weird calling my endeavors a brand, but if there's one thing I've learned from working in social media it's that everything you post, or put out there impacts your personal brand (a.k.a who you are!) I even wrote an about summary:

Inspired by nostalgic moments & a childlike wonder of pretty things. 
An object be it piece of jewelry, a candle or that lip balm in your purse is something you subconsiously carry with you through rites of passages, like a wallflower. Each piece I create is made with care, nothing but good ju-ju, and a hope that these accesories will someday accompany someone through their adventures.

Like a carousel, it's a ride that changes motions through every tune, but goes in circles none the less. 
As a child I've always loved going on carousels, they were pretty, fun, and it was the one ride you didn't have to be scared to go on because you just knew you were going to be okay by the end of it. This is how I view life and want to convey this through the things I create. It also helps that my name rhymes with it so I just changed some letters around ;) 

swaggie bags I gave to my guests

I recently invited some close friends over to celebrate a soft launch with me, we had rose wine, fondue and an overall good time catching up, reminiscing of our younger years (we're only 24).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I will admit I've been a bad blogger in the last couple of months. Transitions arn't easy, so long story short, I've been really busy with life. Excuses, excuses, excuses...I know! 2012 has been quite the challenging year for me. Life subtracts and then it adds, changes happen and sometimes for the better. So for those who actually read this silly blog of mine, expect some big changes for 2013! For those of you who actually missed me here's what's been going on in my life for the past 3 months through instagram pics:


I turned 24 and the responsibilities hit me, but I'm loving every moment! The shoe pictures represents my career walk, I went from one job to another within a span of 3 months. So for these past few months I've been hustling. I've also started my own jewellry company called yours truly: Carousill, making jewellry is not only super relaxing for me but it lets me tell a story through the pieces I make, each piece is one of a kind, made from a different mood of mine, weaved for those who want a piece it's a story combined worn around a wrist, neck, ears, & fingers. As corny as this may sound I've found my inner peace. What I hope 2013 for all of you, is that you too find your inspiration, and the challenges you crave! Also expect this little blog of mine to showcase some pieces I make, and the process. I'm really excited for the New Year, new beginnings, new jewellry, new people to meet along the way..I'll also be doing some giveaways too, so keep posted ;) xo Geri

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Workaholics and WTF happened to September?

Hello readers, well to those who actually take the time to read this silly blog o' mine! 

First and foremost sorry for totally skipping September, balancing work and blogging is actually pretty gotdamn hard. With that said here's what's been happening in my super mundane Canadian life, I've been in quite the slump, other than working and the occasional sleep-in's I was feeling rather uninspired  for about a week or so until I discovered the show Workaholics. I came across Workaholics during one of my daily youtube marathons, after about 10 seconds in and about 20 videos later I was hooked. It's basically a show about 3 college friends who happen to live and work a 9-5 job together. They drink more than they work, and why they're still employed on the show is beyond me, the point is this show is awesome, super funny, and the guys are actually pretty win/win. Aside from me being almost obsessed with Workaholics, September flew by very quickly. It's always THE month for big change and transitioning. As some of you may know September is a huge deal in the fashion world and landmarks a lot of upcoming trends. I'm still not really over summer but I'm ready  for fall so the question I've been asking myself for the past month is how do you mix summer and autumn into your everyday wear? Here are just some of my fave Summer turns into Fall trends that I've indulged in the past month- pics are all from my instagram :)

Mix and match dark lipstick and camo to bright shoes and nails. Print on print action with similar colours but different textures. Taking the candy coloured hair trend but transitioning to darker hues think licorice, dark reds, burgundy, to purples!