Friday, August 24, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Chic

Model Jackie for American Apparel 'Advanced Basics' Ads

You know that famous saying 'always listen to your elders' well it seems some designers are doing so by using older models in their Fall/Winter 2012 Campaigns. Not only is it refreshing from the usual youthful fresh faced models you see down the runways,  theres a whole new 'it crowd' in the fashion scene and they're over the age of 50. During Hot Docs this year, HBO released a documentary called About Face: Super Models Then & Now the doc explores the lives of some of Fashion's famous faces who've graced the covers of magazines and dominated the runways for decades. Lanvin recently released their Winter ads which celebrates "individuals with individuality a true reality and not reality stars" which features 82 year old former Ballerina Jacquie Murdock amongst other unique citizens.

Not only are designers using elder models as muses there is a whole blog which garnered numerous articles, and interviews and even a documentary dedicated to New York's stylish senior citizens called Advanced Style . Browsing through the blog you not only get inspired to take a trip through your grandma's closet, but you suddenly get inspired to actually step up your vintage game. The use of older models this year is not only refreshing but it makes you look at the clothing from a different perspective. Our eyes have adjusted to looking at fashion's latest trends on young up and comers. Age is a taboo in the fashion industry a model in her late 20's is basically almost considered ready to retire. With these new campaigns not only does it showcase the clothing in a new light, it's a reminder that style is ageless.

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