Monday, February 27, 2012

My favorite Places and Spaces

The pros about being a commuter is the ability to observe your surroundings without the burden of keeping your eyes on the road and watching out for traffic lights and minding your speed limit. Often times commuting gives you the freedom for the introverted self to let loose. Anyways my point is throughout my years of commuting I've passed by many interesting streets, local shops and behind the windows of the street car, bus, train, and of course the windows of my face ( my eyes). I've seen and analyzed various cultures, and consumer goods from the distant window displays, sidewalks, and if time was fortunate to me I would explore my surroundings and indulge in a new experience. Walking downtown you take in your environment from the smells, to the name of streets, to the people around you, it all contributes to fragments of memories. Since spring is on the verge of emerging and that usually means the abundance of sales I've compiled a list of some of my favorite places around Toronto specifically Queen Street West/Spadina to Streetsville.

1. Kensington Market

Independant, colourfully cultured, strong identity and loyal to the local community are only some of the things I can describe Kensington Market. I've garnered alot of inspiration and ideas just walking along the market, and each shop not only has it's own identity and story but also alot of goods you don't find in your city malls.

2. Fraiche 348 Queen St W

This petite boutique is packed with alot of figure flattering dresses that are one of a kind. Once you enter you're greeted with the in house dress maker, who makes the dresses by way of Montreal. Each item of clothing and trust me I've browsed through them all is not only feminine and pretty but they're also body conscience friendly they cover what needs to be covered and flatter what needs to be flattered, for a reasonable price!

3. Durumi & Chocolate Shoes 416 Queen St W

This boutique is filled with alot of pretty things from Korea although they're two seperate shops in one boutique it's a joint abundance of unique finds. They have decent sales but one of my favorite go to spots in the shop is the accesories section here you'll find one of a kind jewlery pieces at a very decent price.

4. Swirls Cupcakes Streetsville, Mississauga

I've been a Swirls advocate since at least 2006. I literally have no words on how awesome Swirls cupcakes is and have some of the fondest memories. From the gelatos to the seasonal red velvet cupcakes and the light but tasteful icings and cakes.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Springtime Trends

springtime in winter
I felt inspired to make a fashion post on things that I am currently loving, trends I've been noticing on the streets, and well some items of clothing I've been itching to try and get my hands on. Because I can't necessarily afford $1948278.00 on clothes or accessories I try to keep an eye out for things I can easily D.I.Y. or buy second hand or as my internship coins it "pre-loved". Anyways let me know if you agree or disagree with my picks :)

Embroided collars: Miu Miu did it first with their detachable collars sometime around 2009-2010ish I remember being 21 and wanting one verrrry badly but was not keen on dishing out hundreds for something I could easily make for $10.00. Lately I've noticed that more collars are taking the spotlight with subtle embroidery and even color blocking an entire shirt!

Intense Platform Heels: Platform has and will always be around the benefits of wearing these giant shoes is you get to reach your desired height and the comfort of the platform for the first half hour is well worth it. Not to mention they no pun intended boost an outfit.

Patterns, Patterns, and more Patterns: This season the influx of bright patterns mixed with minimalism is going to be a hit, it not only distracts from problem areas but it's also flattering, with the minimalist approach a lot of girls are opting for a more natural look but with a touch of pop out colour.

Orange: from the lips, nails, bags and clothes this season should just be renamed clementine, it's bold and refreshing but also really stands out with any color you place it with, it's also flattering to any skin tone.

I'm super excited to see what else this season has in store but if I could describe the mix of styles I've been seeing on the streets to the pages of my fashion zines it'd be Betty Draper meets Andy Warhol!

I leave you with the song of the post Don Drummond: Freedom Sounds

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines ,Shmalentines

This Post is dedicated to all those who are lonely on valentines day eating discounted chocolates watching love actually because you're all a saddistic self loathing, pity party, but secretly wish for the sparkles and love glitter etc, etc.

I am a self proclaimed forever alone entrepreneur. Anyone that has known me can attest to that. For years I've dated, had maaaad crushes, and even loved once at least I thought it was. I was convinced that guys just seriously don't like me and that I will always be one of the boys (I have a comic book dealer for god sakes). Like all any normal single girl I've read the bible Greg Behrendt's He's just not into you, watched all the sex and the city episodes and wished for the best every birthday candle since I started liking boys, and even the occasional 11:11 time stamps. I was starting to believe that I was on the path to cougarism. It wasn't until I was facebook creeping when reality literally stomped me in the face after looking at some couples anniversary pics I thought to myself "I am not going to put myself through this, I am tooo awesome". I started to not fret about not finding someone but actually started to find myself, what I like, and attributes I posses. When you begin to love yourself you start to appreciate those around you and that aura alone is enough to catch any guy's attention from a 10 mile radius.

 because I love listening to mushy songs and ugly crying here is my gift to you on valentines day from ATG Records: