Monday, January 30, 2012

Finding your niche

About 8 months ago I truly didn't know what the hell I was doing with my life, or what direction I wanted to be in career wise. It honestly took a good friend to take me to timmies and on a tissue I wrote down my goals, hopes and aspirations. Although I'm not yet truely doing what I want to do in terms of my career I'm getting pretty darn close. It truely does take patience and the reality is I'm not the only 20 something year old writing down my goals on a used tissue. Alot of 20 something year olds today are not working into the careers they truely want to be in, after university theres a good percentage of students who are in a somewhat career limbo..I know I definitely was. It takes self reflection and maybe some out of town trips here and there to really figure out what YOU want for your life. Miley Cyrus was's all about the climb, and of course some good books and a motivational speech.

A friend of mine recommended Sally Hogshead's Radical Careering, now I'm not one to usually read self-help books very often but this e-book surprised me and is definitely worth the time. It's also incredibly free (just click the link)

Radical Careering by: Sally Hogshead

Larry Smith's inspirational speech (courtesy of another good friend)


Upon reading the first couple of posts I've come to realized that each post was about moving forward, and new beginnings..and they're a little bit redundant. I apologize and from here on out no more preachy-esque posts, I finally have my DSLR which has me excited to blog again. I've finally found my comfort zone. Moving forward with my sisterblog eduplate in the works for a re-launch I'm going to posts my own personal recipes and foodie ventures here. What I have planned for eduplate is to really expand it into a foodie community where friends and strangers can share their own foodscapades, recipes, and recommendations. So in the mean time here is my current obsession: Raw Salmon

Smoked salmon sandwich on toasted rye with alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers and mediterranean herbed goat cheese .

Sashimi, red dragon rolls, california rolls

I honestly can O.D on Salmon and I'd be okay with that (joking of course)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new!

First and foremost, Happy Belated New Year!!!! 2012 is actually here and were all still alive.
I get pretty nostalgic thinking about 2012 it reminded me of my senior year in highschool when we went to those retreats and reflected on life and dreamt about where we'd be by 2012. If we'd be what we wanted to be, or if all our goals will be met, who'd be married, have kids. Welp 2012 is here and I still feel like I'm 17, with just more life lessons under my belt. So I asked myself did I accomplish my goals? almost and everyday is a constant climb but I'm loving every minute of it. Last year was a roller coaster as cliche as that sounds it really was. Finishing university and the unemployed purgatory I faced, and the expeditions I went on with minimal finance. To my new awesome job and an internship I never wanna leave, I'm at a comfortable state right now, and extremely proud of the work I've done. With that said here are some photographs I took with Pretty Freedom for the golden girls photo series.

and a behind the seams video I made! enjoy :)