Thursday, July 26, 2012

Floral Embellished Shades

Summer is close to ending with August just around the corner. Why not turn old summer sunglasses into works of art! This trend was first spotted on the runways of Dolce & Gabanna fall 2012 and became a hit DIY on the blogsphere. I instantly fell in love with these shades, and attempted to recreate
them myself.


 Here’s what you’re going to need: -old shades -goop glue/or crazy glue anything that will really hold the flowers in place -clay flowers, which can be found at your local craft store ( I got mine from Michaels for $1.49 a set) Also, if you really want to DIY you can make your own clay flowers using resin or polymer clay -tweezers

Before gluing your flowers onto your shades, really plan it out first. Fortunately the flowers I bought were made to look like a fondant and were meant for scrap booking, so they already had a sticky side on the back and were easy to move around and remove. Once you’ve planned out where you’re going to place the flowers, use your tweezers to carefully glue the back side of the flowers and place them on your shades.


Once completed let it dry for a whole day before showing them off to your friends! my instagram: geritron


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