Monday, July 23, 2012

Nathalie-Roze & Co's Seasonal #UberSwap

Last Thursday I had the privilege to be part of Nathalie-Roze's seasonal #UberSwap. Located in Leslieville, there's something cozy about Nathalie's shop I'm not sure if it was the friendly people I met, or all the cute crafty trinkets that filled the room but there was something very light and heartwarming in the atmosphere. The Uberswap was an experience all on it's own, it was somewhat like a cleansing, seeing other women try on my clothes, something in me as cheesy as this may sound, felt very moved by the experience. As I saw one by one my clothes disappearing from the piles I thought of all the memories I had with each item, and the adventures I embarked on while wearing them. With the clothes I brought not only did I share my joys from dresses I wore on past dates, to my disappointments (clothes I forgot to return!). I also picked up some great preloved treasures along the way, and as I said goodbye to my old loves, I said hello to not only to new clothes and memories but to new friendships aswell.


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