Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines ,Shmalentines

This Post is dedicated to all those who are lonely on valentines day eating discounted chocolates watching love actually because you're all a saddistic self loathing, pity party, but secretly wish for the sparkles and love glitter etc, etc.

I am a self proclaimed forever alone entrepreneur. Anyone that has known me can attest to that. For years I've dated, had maaaad crushes, and even loved once at least I thought it was. I was convinced that guys just seriously don't like me and that I will always be one of the boys (I have a comic book dealer for god sakes). Like all any normal single girl I've read the bible Greg Behrendt's He's just not into you, watched all the sex and the city episodes and wished for the best every birthday candle since I started liking boys, and even the occasional 11:11 time stamps. I was starting to believe that I was on the path to cougarism. It wasn't until I was facebook creeping when reality literally stomped me in the face after looking at some couples anniversary pics I thought to myself "I am not going to put myself through this, I am tooo awesome". I started to not fret about not finding someone but actually started to find myself, what I like, and attributes I posses. When you begin to love yourself you start to appreciate those around you and that aura alone is enough to catch any guy's attention from a 10 mile radius.

 because I love listening to mushy songs and ugly crying here is my gift to you on valentines day from ATG Records:

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