Monday, January 30, 2012


Upon reading the first couple of posts I've come to realized that each post was about moving forward, and new beginnings..and they're a little bit redundant. I apologize and from here on out no more preachy-esque posts, I finally have my DSLR which has me excited to blog again. I've finally found my comfort zone. Moving forward with my sisterblog eduplate in the works for a re-launch I'm going to posts my own personal recipes and foodie ventures here. What I have planned for eduplate is to really expand it into a foodie community where friends and strangers can share their own foodscapades, recipes, and recommendations. So in the mean time here is my current obsession: Raw Salmon

Smoked salmon sandwich on toasted rye with alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers and mediterranean herbed goat cheese .

Sashimi, red dragon rolls, california rolls

I honestly can O.D on Salmon and I'd be okay with that (joking of course)

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