Tuesday, November 22, 2011

here we are yet again

Third post's a charm, I'm starting to feel like Madonna, or a reoccuring butterfly going in and out of its caccoon. Life definitely takes a weird turn here and there, BUT I honestly know now this is the place I want to be in. A favorite quote of mine that I always say to myself in my moments of reflection that usually occurs in the wee hours of the night while wearing a seaweed facemask is "nothing gold can stay" which came to my attention in grade 8 from the outsiders. Why I love this quote so much is because of its simplicity in the truth, which gives me humbling feeling, kind of like que cera. Anyways I find myself here again with yet another play on back to basics, and have decided to switch back to my original blog name Carousill. My main goal is to work towards my ideal life which is to basically have an everlasting good juju, chi, balance, etc. SO I'm giving this blog another shot. Theres alot more going in my life this time around, for one I'm doing an awesome internship, I'm working with the best people in an up and coming company, lifes just peaches. Next step: actually documenting physical evidence of this good life.

otis redding-try a little tenderness

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  1. looking forward to seeing this "physical evidence" nice song choice.