Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Alright post deux, and it's been promising so far. Blogging is like that new diet you heard works
so you give it a try. Now I'm not new to blogging, I have soo many accounts, and like diets and pokemon you've catched/tried/used them all. But there's always that pikachu, or regime you stick to and it works. like new things such as shoes, clothes, etc you try to break it in so that you can get use to the notion of using said items. This is how this blog feels, I'm pretty much just "breaking it in" until I can find my comfort zone so bear with me :) I decided for my second post to make a collage based on basics of everyday wear. Now I'm not the best collage maker but I love polyvore and just putting together some things I usually wear on a daily basis, and pretty much things I wish I owned, or at least attainable enough to own. here are some things I've conjured up pretty simple, definitely comfortable and an outfit you can pretty much throw on when you're on the go. I've also added a song for dramatic effect...yeah not really

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