Sunday, November 27, 2011

First World Problems and Sundays

Disclaimer: This specific entry is about first world problems, and basically a semi whine post on wanting something more with monetary issues and what not..if you dont give a shit proceed to read.

I bought a gift for myself, which in my opinion is well deserved. I've been soo good all year, somewhat and with my birthday in 2 weeks and the recent black friday sales..a good deal is a good deal. But alas we always want more, and are never content. For years I've always wanted a
DSLR, specifically a Canon Rebel, I'm always settling for the safe route. Bills suck butt but thank god I don't really have serious ones just yet, such as mortgage and what not. Last night I settled for a Nikon L-120 digital camera, because I was itching and impulsive for a new camera, specifically for this blog and for recording the adventures of my young adult years to come. I've been using my crappy old sony cybershot brick for about 10 years now and it was well about time I upgraded. Upon buying it my initial feeling was cool...but that was just it. I wanted more and will probably buy my dream camera..the thing is, I know I can afford it it's just a matter of well if I buy this, I won't be going out for a bit and with Christmas around the corner it's going to be a little hard to save. Also with future plans to move out within a year or two I really needed to get my shit together. The other part of me is like well shit you're working really hard and since this new job I havnt really treated myself other than that one $20 manicure I got at the mall. Life is short and we encounter random investments be it emotionally, our physical investments such as going to a gym, or dating, to buying a home. I feel as if as I'm getting older I'm starting to understand this growing up thing, and the leaping of faith. In order to fufill a certain level of contentment it's really all about making the jump, winning and losing some.
Anyways point is I think im exchanging this digital camera into an DSLR....happy birthday to me!

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