Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Trend Alert: Art Deco

This season invest in a pocket watch, because I predict an art deco revival is in the works! (totally unrelated I just wanted a reason to use this picture but when I think of the 1920's I think of pocket watches) With Baz Luhrhamm's Great Gatsby & Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad coming soon to a theatre near you I predict were going to see a lot of red lipstick, finger waves, slinky dresses and men in grey suits rocking grandpa hats. With the abundance of men already sporting the madmen hair do' this has gotten me excited that the gentleman look is coming back! The art deco is one of my favorite eras and in my opinion showcases true vintage, from the delicate sheer dresses to structured patterns in textured fabrics to the opulence of jewels and rich details in architecture, to bold colours of teal, tiffany blue, orange reds, gold, pearl whites reminiscent of the romanticism of the orient. The art deco era although was a trivial period it was also a celebrated era of change, it was evident as some of the best and world renowned architectures were built. Anyways the point is whether you follow trends or not it's exciting to see the shift in the world around you, and how western culture adapt to such trends from fashion, architecture, to pop culture and this time around it's the revival of the roaring 20s!

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