Friday, March 9, 2012

Life as an interninja

As many of you know or at least I assume you do my current occupation is social media interninja for Pretty Freedom, and for the past 7 months or so I've taken in everything like a sponge. I've learned sooo much in those 7 months than I have in one full year of university. I've met alot of people, a lot of important people that create the pretty freedom community, and alot of good looking people. So as an intern you do your best to make your mark, I try to do this with every job experience I embark on. Conan was right cynicism doesn't take you anywhere, work hard and be nice. Anyways, being creative is literally a full time job some people think it's easy, and yes it is easy, somewhat to have okay ideas but its hard producing great ideas. One of the things I'm proud of and has gotten a good response was my comparison shopping featurette on Pretty Freedom called "This x That" which is basicaly a play on words from the black sheep hip hop classic the choice is yours. I don't consider myself a ~fashionista, but I do love fashion and I would say I'm quite aware on whats going on in the fashion atmosphere, and everytime I go thrift/vintage shopping I find myself always looking for a certain item, and always comparing them to expensive fashion pieces I drool over on net-a-porter. SO I put the two and two together and compare expensive pieces with Pretty Freedom's version and the choice is yours. Anyways I'm not going to ramble on but here's my latest comparisson, feel free to comment, like or tweet me what you think and which items I should compare next!!

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